20 Types of Red Lilies With Pictures

Lilies are a beautiful and diverse group of flowering plants, belonging to the genus Lilium and the family Liliaceae. They characterized by large, often fragrant flowers that can be white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple and even some with freckles. The flowers usually have six petals and six stamens, and they can be bowl, trumpet, or bell-shaped.

Lilies are native to the temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere. They are popular for their ornamental value in gardens and as cut flowers. They are perennials and can range in height from 2 to 6 feet. Some lilies grow from bulbs, while others develop a rhizome that carries small bulbs.

Red lilies are a symbol of love, desire, and passion. They are popular for conveying strong feelings and are often given as gifts to express love and romance. The red lily is also a symbol of courage, power and vitality.

In Japanese culture, red lilies are known as “Higanbana” or “Spider Lily.” These flowers are believed to guide the spirits of the dead and are often planted near graves or used in funeral rituals. In Christian symbolism, red lilies are associated with the Virgin Mary, representing her divine grace and purity.

Red Lilies

  • Monte Negro – Asiatic lily
  • Red Velvet Lily – Asiatic lily
  • Red County Lily – Asiatic Lily
  • Red Flash lily – Oriental Lily
  • Red Highland Lily – Asiatic Lily
  • Black Out Lily – Asiatic Lily
  • Silk Road Lily- Orienpet Lily
  • Starfighter Lily – Oriental Lily
  • Starlight Express – Oriental Lily
  • Sumatra Lily – Oriental Lily
  • Coral Lily
  • Candy Club Lily – Orienpet Lily
  • Claude Shride Lily – Martagon Lily
  • Dizzy Lily – Oriental Lily 
  • Dot Com Lily – Asiatic Hybrid Lily
  • Flashpoint – Orienpet Hybrid Lily
  • Red Twin – Double Asiatic Lily
  • Red Stargazer Lily
  • Red Tiger Lily

Monte Negro – Asiatic lily

Monte Negro grows up to 30 inches tall with a spread of about 18 inches. Its erect stems bear linear, spirally-arranged, glossy, dark green leaves. During summer, it produces large, upward-facing, black-spotted, dark red flowers.

Red Velvet Lily – Asiatic lily

The Red Velvet Lily flowers are trumpet-shaped and have recurved petals that are a deep red color with dark brown markings in the center. It blooms in early to midsummer and is a favorite among hummingbirds and butterflies.

Red County Lily – Asiatic Lily

Red County Lily grows to be 3-4 feet tall and blooms in early to midsummer. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and face upwards, with petals that blend from a deep red at the base to a tomato red at the tips.

Red Flash lily – Oriental Lily

The Red Flash Lily produce large, spicy fragrant flowers of the deepest red with dark red speckles and white edges. These blooms are held aloft on strong, tall stems that can reach 3 to 4 feet in height.

Red Highland Lily

Red Highland Lily has trumpet-shaped blooms that face upwards. Each flower measures around 7 inches wide and has a bright red color with a darker red center. A single stem can produce up to 8 blooms.

Black Out Lily – Asiatic Lily

This lily has large, dark carmine-red, upward-facing flowers with an even darker red-to-black shading in the center of each petal. It is one of the darkest red lilies, producing clusters of 4-5 blossoms per stem which look fabulous when combined with yellow or creamy colors. These lilies typically bloom in June-July.

Silk Road Lily- Orienpet Lily

Silk Road lily, also known as ‘Friso,’ is a hybrid lily that has won the North American Lily Society’s popularity poll four years in a row. It features huge white flowers with deep crimson pink throats, which are carried on an enormous inflorescence with many well-spaced secondary buds for extended blooming time. The petals of each 8-inch flower have broad white edges and rose-red centers.

Starfighter Lily – Oriental Lily

This lily has star-shaped blooms. These lilies are later to bloom than other types. Its tall plants produce flowers with crimson petals rimmed in white and dotted with dark spots. The blooms are highly fragrant.

Starlight Express – Oriental Lily

The Starlight Express Lily is a highly floriferous miniature lily, standing around 50cm in height. It produces fuchsia-colored, slightly recurved petals edged with white, slightly ruffled edges. These lilies are a great addition to borders, beds, and containers.

Sumatra Lily – Oriental Lily

The Sumatra lily has slightly recurved, deep red petals, beautifully adorned with ruffled white edges that contrast nicely with the rich, dark green foliage. This lily is highly fragrance. It is also a vigorous grower and constitutes an excellent border plant.

Coral Lily

Coral Lily originates from various parts of Asia, including Siberia and China. The coral lily feature clusters of bright glossy scarlet nodding flowers with sharply recurved tepals and greenish-yellow pollen-covered stamens at the center. Sweetly fragrant, the flowers can be up to 20 or 30 flowers per stem.

Candy Club Lily – Orienpet Lily

The Candy Club Lily is a hybrid between Oriental and Trumpet lilies. The plant produces large, fragrant flowers with a color combination. The center of the petals has a deep pink shade that transitions to a creamy white at the edges. Candy Club lilies thrive in both gardens and containers.

Claude Shride Lily – Martagon Lily

This particular hybrid was bred by Claude Shride in the Pacific Northwest. It has deep red to mahogany flowers with golden spots. This variety is a vigorous grower, reaching heights of 3 to 4 feet in a short time. It is good for growing at the back of a flower bed or as a standalone specimen in a garden.

Dizzy Lily – Oriental Lily

Dizzy Lily produces large, outward-facing, white flowers adorned with a vibrant raspberry-red stripe down the middle of each slightly ruffled petal and prominent red speckles at the throat. These lilies have a delightful and sweet fragrance. They bloom in mid-summer, later in the season than many other lilies.

Dot Com Lily – Asiatic Hybrid Lily

The Dot Com lily produces large, creamy-white to purplish-pink flowers adorned with burgundy spots at their heart, outlined by a feathering of additional speckles on the edge. This lily reaches a height of 2 to 3 feet and thrives in full sun to partial shade. These lilies bloom in early to mid-summer and lack any fragrance.

Flashpoint – Orienpet Hybrid Lily

The Flashpoint lily is a result of hybridizing Oriental Lilies with Trumpet/Aurelian Lilies, which combines the best qualities of both parent plants. It produces large, outward-facing flowers with a color blend. The base of the petals have a dusty pink-red hue that transitions to a creamy white at the edges.

Red Twin – Double Asiatic Lily

Unlike single Asiatic lilies that have one set of petals, Red Twin has double bloom with an extra whorl of petals. The flowers are a rich orange-red color. It’s a pollen-free variety. Similar to Dot Com lilies, Red Twin lilies lack any fragrance.

Red Stargazer Lily

These lilies produce massive, bowl-shaped blooms up to 8 inches wide. The flowers are in color combination of crimson-pink, edged in white with darker red spots in the center. These lilies are relatively low-maintenance and thrive in well-drained, slightly acidic soil with moderate moisture.

Red Tiger Lily

Red tiger lilies usually bloom throughout mid to late summer. These lilies are not truly red, but a very deep orange-red color that intensifies towards the center of the petals, with dark speckles.

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