Are there any Blue Snakes? 12 Types of Blue Snakes

In nature, most snakes are known for their earth-toned camouflage, which helps them blend into their natural environments. However, there are snakes with unique colors and patterns either as a result of genetic variations, environmental factors or specific adaptations. While blue is not a common color among snakes, there are some species that exhibit shades … Read more

8 Major Types of Bears (Including Subspecies & Pictures)

Bears are large, powerful mammals belonging to the family Ursidae. There are 8 different surviving species of bears across the world with a conservation status ranging from vulnerable to least concern. Bears can be found in many parts of the world, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Arctic (the northern-most polar regions). Each … Read more

18 Fuzzy, Fluffy or Furry Moth Species With Pictures & Scientific Names

Moths are a group of insects that includes all members of the order Lepidoptera that are not butterflies. While butterflies usually take the spotlight with their colors, moths are equally diverse and interesting in their own right. Moths are incredibly diverse, with over 160,000 species known to science. The species can be of different shape … Read more

21 Types of White Caterpillars (Including Fuzzy) – Names, Pictures and Identification

White caterpillars are actually white or pale in color and are the immature stage (Larvae) of diverse moth and butterfly species. Many of these caterpillars usually have elongated bodies with multiple segments, and they can be of different sizes. Many white caterpillars have a soft and fuzzy appearance (tiny hairs or setae covering their bodies). … Read more

21 Yellow Caterpillar Types: How To Identify Them (Name & Pictures)

Yellow caterpillars are the immature forms of moths or butterflies that are undergoing transformation into beautiful winged insects. Among these yellow caterpillars, some have a furry appearance, while others feature smooth, segmented bodies as is with many caterpillar species. Occasionally, the fuzzy yellow caterpillars can contain toxins that might not be lethal, but can lead … Read more

15 Common Types of Green Spiders (Pictures & Names)

In the intricate tapestry of the natural world, spiders are among the common creatures. Spiders are arachnids, a class of arthropods that also includes scorpions, mites and ticks. There are more than 45,000 known species of spiders, found in habitats all over the world, (Source: National Geographic). There’s a spider with a cartoonish butt, spiders that can jump … Read more

12 Difference Between Tarantula and Spider

Tarantulas are a type of spider, but are somewhat different from most spiders. Tarantulas and spiders exhibit variations in behavior, body structure, habitat preferences, hunting techniques, and even their venomous capacities. Let us look at the difference between them. Spiders A spider is a type of arachnid that belongs to the class Arachnida and the … Read more

Do Purple Spiders Exists? 10 Purple Spiders You Need To Know

Spiders are a diverse group of arachnids, belonging to the class Arachnida and the order Araneae. There are over 48,000 recognized species of spiders worldwide, inhabiting nearly every terrestrial habitat on Earth. The realm of spiders has long been associated with a spectrum of hues, primarily featuring earth tones, blacks and browns. However, spiders can … Read more