Fact Checking Policy

We strive to provide accurate information and apply a thorough counter-checking process to every article that’s posted on this website. Rumors and random unverified pieces of information are identified and sieved accordingly to ensure distinction between confirmed information and industry buzz for the benefit of our readers.

After any article is written, we (Mississippi Greens) ensure the information stays fresh and relevant by updating it on regular basis. Even if other online websites and outlets report or carry an unsubstantiated piece of information as accurate, we do our own background checks and verification.

We do not post clickbait. Some of our headlines might be bold – but we don’t throw out broad statements just to sound bold or for the fun of it. It has to be accurate and fact-checked. Mississippi Greens articles generally don’t just talk about gardening, they give industry-leading context with the aim of improving or imparting knowledge.

In our quest of providing the best, as well as most engaging, content possible for visitors to our site, we follow basic journalistic principles in our work. This approach allows us to address a given topic as satisfactory as possible and answer questions before they’re asked by readers.

For corrections or update requests, please contact: weldokhalwale@yandex.com